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Wayne Jones - Lead Regional Program Manager/Strategic Analysis & Standardization Cell 

Sharif Rahim - Benefits & Entitlements Program Manager

Ronald Johnson - Quality Assurance/Airman For Life Lead

Brandy Farias - Regional Care Program Manager

Thomas Sansone - Regional Care Program Manager

Wellness and Resiliency Program

Armando Franco - Wellness and Resiliency Team Lead

Candace Escobedo - Wellness and Resiliency Program Manager

Jennifer Houghton - Wellness and Resiliency Program Manager

Echo Best - Wellness and Resiliency Program Manager

Temporary Retired Airmen's Care (TRAC) Cell

Al Salinas - TRAC Program Manager

Tamara "Tammy" Knause - TRAC Team Lead

Vaughn "VC" Coker - TRAC Non-Medical Care Manager

Jefferey DeGarmo - TRAC Non-Medical Care Manager

Bob Kupcho - TRAC Non-Medical Care Manager

Rhoden Galloway - TRAC Non-Medical Care Manager

Elvira Castillo - TRAC Non-Medical Care Manager

Juan "Bernie" Fierro - TRAC Non-Medical Care Manager

ARC Cell

Debbie Martinez - ARC Government Program Manager

Marci Cochran - ARC Team Lead

Consuelo "Connie" Martinez - ARC Non-Medical Care Manager

Orlando Martinez - ARC Non-Medical Care Manager

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