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Release Number: 20180705001

Date: July 5, 2018

Media Invited to Attend Warrior CARE Events July 23-27

CARE Events

Many conditions identify an Airman to be a Wounded Warrior: combat injuries, invisible wounds, serious illness or injury. The Air Force Wounded Warrior Program (AFW2) is the primary resource for Airmen to use in their recovery. The program supports Airmen and families, as well as their leadership, by providing helpful information and advocacy as they navigate the medical processes needed to recover.


Recovery Care Coordinators (RCC) can be found on every air force base, helping Airmen enroll into AFW2. They also facilitate, monitor, and ensure access of care and resources for Recovering Airmen and their families. Non-Medical Care Managers (NMCM) are an additional AFW2 resource available to recovering airmen. They serve as subject-matter-experts who can help an Airman understand their benefits and entitlements, while also facilitating access to resources the recovering airman may need.

Additionally, AFW2 offers its warriors multiple programs to support recovery, such as:


Caregiver Support Program - Connects caregivers (e.g. spouse, mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt and uncle etc.) with each other; establishing networks, and providing coping tools that will help caregivers learn, grow, and develop in the most fulfilling way possible.


Adaptive Sports & Resiliency Program - Provides a chance for recovering airmen to develop independence, confidence and fitness through adaptive sports. They learn to adapt sports to their particular ability levels, gaining confidence while managing stress levels and setting goals for continued success.


Recovering Airman Mentorship Program - Develops current AFW2 members as mentors, connecting them with new recovering airmen to promote and encourage healing throughout the continuum of care. Mentors can learn about Peer-to-Peer, Group, Sport or Community mentorship.


Empowerment in Transition Program – Equips, empowers, and encourages Warriors to develop and achieve long-term career and life goals. This is done through personalized coaching and guidance, inspiring them to manage lifestyle and career changes, build an effective way forward, and find purpose, to take charge of their post-military life.


Airmen who are interested in becoming a member of the program can contact their local Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC) to review eligibility requirements. To find your local RCC, visit http://www.woundedwarrior.af.mil/Support/ or call 800-581-9437.

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