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  • Remaining virtually connected through stories of resilience

    Physical distancing has evolved into a new normal way of life that has left many individuals feeling isolated and uncertain on what the future holds. With strict measures in place throughout the nation, the Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) Program Outreach team has worked to maintain a social connection with Air Force unit personnel in a more virtual way.
  • AFW2 Behind the Scenes: The Family We Choose

    AFW2 has tried on various occasions to implement a veteran program, with different faces, using the same formula and predictably falling short every time. When asked to take on this tasking again, I told my Branch Chief he was setting me up for failure, and again, I am not interested. Then he posed a question that later resulted in, unbeknownst to me at the time, my volunteering by default. What would you do different to make it work? My answer: a social media platform, closed Facebook group where pertinent veteran information is posted, warriors share their experiences, networks, resources, and contacts. This would allow a small staff, in this case Brandy Farias and myself, the ability to provide support, answer questions, and provide a roadmap to Air Force, Veteran Administration, and veteran benefits and entitlements. His response…make it happen.
  • Wounded warrior uses weights to lift spirits

    Recently participated in first "virtual" powerlifting competition.
  • Living with PTSD: You Are Not Alone

    I was diagnosed in 1995, well before the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program’s inception. My leadership was helpful, but they also had expectations of performance. They looked at my behavior as they would anyone else and were quick to punish if I acted out of line. However, they were also aware that I was dealing with something they didn’t fully understand and gave me the room to go to appointments for counseling and deal with the crushing weight of what was going on.
  • AFW2 Behind the Scenes: RAMPing Up Creative Connections

    Innovation took place to reattach the severed avenues that connect us as humans. We became more creative in our ways to connect. We realized just how much MORE we could reach our population via virtual platforms and tools that had never been so heavily utilized.
  • AFW2 Hosts Virtual Powerlifting Competition

    Many of our Warriors rely on sports to be an essential part of their recovery, and that can be hard to keep up with during a time of distancing and gyms being closed. To keep their training on track and continue the competitive spirit, the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program (AFW2) is doing something new. On Friday, June 19, 2020, AFW2 will be hosting its first ever, virtual powerlifting competition that will broadcast on Facebook.
  • Summer safety with a splash of awareness

    School’s out, the sun is shining, and bags are being packed as families head out on vacation. Summer has officially arrived and AFW2 is providing some safety tips to ensure you, and your family, are prepared for some fun in the sun.
  • PTSD Awareness: Know When You Aren’t You

    According to the National Center for PTSD, the disorder is a mental health problem that some develop after experiencing or witnessing a lift-threatening event, like combat, a natural disaster, a car accident or sexual assault. Some people experience an event, have a grieving period, and then return to their old self with distant memories of what happened. Those who suffer from PTSD are unable to make the event a distant memory and become highly distressed when remembering that time in their life.
  • Annual DoD Warrior Games canceled amid COVID concerns

    Annual DoD Warrior Games canceled amid COVID concerns
  • Month of the Military Caregiver: Hidden Heroes

    May is recognized as the Department of Defense’s Month of the Military Caregiver. This time is used to honor, commend, and show appreciation for those that care for wounded, ill and injured service members. The Air Force Wounded Warrior Program (AFW2) has a Caregiver Support and Family Program to assist caretakers in multiple ways,