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Wellness and Resiliency Program

The Wellness and Resiliency Program is a part of every CARE event agenda, both in-person and virtually, and may include spiritual, art, music, yoga, journaling, photography and comedy sessions. These sessions are designed to assist Wounded Warriors and Caregivers find new avenues to aid in their overall recovery and rehabilitation as they progress through the Continuum of Care.




The AFW2 CARE Events offer a wide range of Resiliency & Restorative Programs designed to develop independence and boost confidence among Warriors and Caregivers. Whether you are finding your voice through Rock to Recovery or slowly learning to laugh again through Improvisational Comedy, the AFW2’s holistic Resiliency & Restorative Programs have something for everyone.


Essential Oils - Aromatherapy

Explore the world of oils as you learn the healing properties of aromatherapy. This Resiliency Program aims to enhance knowledge of a-thousand year practice, and provide alternative means of relaxation, recovery, and resiliency. We will teach you the different types of oils and you will make a blend specific to your recovery.

Improvisational Comedy

Enrich your life with the power of laughter. This Resiliency Program focuses on using humor as a medium for healing and educates attendees on the benefits of laughter. Attendees to this Resiliency Program are not expected to perform stand-up comedy themselves, however, audience participation is encouraged.

Painting with a Purpose - Art Therapy

Celebrate the artist in you. Learn how to create magnificent works of art or go-off script and create what your heart feels—it’s up to you! The canvas is your medium for expression, creativity, and to heal physical, mental, emotional, spiritual ailments, and most importantly, your time to be seen.

Rock to Recovery - Music Therapy

Rock to Recovery helps Warriors heal through the power of music. Discover your inner rock star and release stress by playing a variety of instruments and profound lyric-making. Warriors participating in Rock to Recovery will showcase their musical prowess to fellow Warriors at the Closing Ceremony of the CARE Event.

Wellness and Recovery Services

Acquire a more holistic approach to the recovery process through this Restorative Program. Attendees for Recovery Services will receive education on the healing power of massage, chiropractics, physical therapy, sports medicine and personalized instruction on care management.

Write to Recovery - Journaling

Delve into the world of journaling and explore the Psychology of Colors through AFW2’s newest Resiliency Program. Writing to Recovery focuses on personal expression through paper, and the healing properties of relieving stress and anxiety by crystalizing your thoughts, emotions, and feelings through journaling.


Anyone can refer an Airman into the AFW2 program; download the worksheet by clicking the button below and submit the finalized form via email.


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