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Recovering Airman Mentorship Program

Recovering Airman Mentorship Program

The Recovering Airman Mentorship Program (RAMP) functions as part of the AFW2 Non-Medical Care Support team, assisting wounded, ill, or injured Airmen by arranging peer-to-peer relationships. Warriors in more advanced stages of the Continuum of Care are trained as mentors to help others successfully navigate the recovery process.  Warriors are supported in other ways, building confidence and trust in the system. Our trained mentors are an excellent resource to provide recovering Airmen much needed motivation and resilience often required by these unexpected experiences. 


The support provided by our mentors covers a broad spectrum, from dealing with new deficits created by wound/ illness/injury, to assisting with complexities of life where Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), or Military Sexual Trauma (MST) may be a factor.  Whatever the need, the program seeks to find an appropriate mentor match for our warriors. Participating in a peer-to-peer relationship with one of our mentors can be life-changing and often results in friendships lasting well beyond the mentorship need. Options mentors will learn about include:


Peer-to-Peer Mentorship

Team mentor at a CARE Event

Sport mentor at a CARE Event

Community Peer Activity Coordinator


Wounded warriors who have successfully transitioned back to duty or civilian life are matched with new members enrolled in the program with similar injuries, illnesses, or wounds.


Mentors provide a model for hope and help to inspire confidence that recovering Airmen can meet the challenges involved with recovery. This creates an AFW2 support network in the community, connecting families and caregivers with resources.


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Anyone can refer an Airman into the AFW2 program; download the worksheet by clicking the button below and submit the finalized form via email.


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