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Recovering Airman Mentorship Program (RAMP)

The RAMP Program assists recovering Airmen by establishing genuine peer-to-peer mentorship relationships to help navigate recovery and build resilient Airmen. The support provided by our mentors covers a broad spectrum of illnesses and visible/invisible wounds, while encouraging confidence and a team approach to recovery.  If you are interested in becoming a mentor, or would like to request a mentor, please email:

Mentor Workshops

The decision to become a Mentor should not be taken lightly and require you to participate in our workshop. Our RAMP mentors volunteer their time to serve fellow AFW2 Warriors by providing guidance and support. These workshops cover the importance of mentorship, active listening, AFW2 resources, and much more. 

CARE Events

Trained RAMP Mentors are on-sight at CARE events to promote and encourage healing and growth. During a CARE event, mentors are paired with fellow warriors to offer comfort, support, guidance, and a listening ear. This added support is crucial, and has been proven to facilitate an atmosphere of trust, strength, and courage to AFW2 warriors throughout the week.




AFW2 | Recovering Airman Mentorship Program

Air Force Wounded Warrior Program