Mission: Deliver personalized support and services to caregivers as an integral part of their wounded, ill and injured Airman’s recovery and rehabilitation plan.

Vision: Improve caregiver and family quality of life by connecting them with resources, resiliency tools, and experienced specially trained caregiver.

Current Objective: Facilitate program growth/continue expansion to alleviate gaps.


PEER (Personalized, Experiences, Engagement, & Resources) Forum

"Me Time" activities

Caregiver Symposium

Caregiver Resiliency/Life Skills

Emotional Management and Humor

Marriage Enrichment

Spiritual Self-Care

Financial Counseling

Art and Music Therapy

Caregivers and Families

Caregivers and Families


A family member (e.g. spouse, mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt and uncle etc.) or acquaintance who provides non-professional assistance to a Recovering Service Member. Family member/friend determines if they want to be enrolled into the AFW2 Caregiver Support Program. A VA Caregiver does not have to be approved to receive Special Compensation For Assistance With Activities Of Daily Living (SCAADL) to be considered an AFW2 caregiver.  


The caregiver support program connects caregivers with each other, establishes networks, and provides coping tools that will help caregivers learn, grow, and develop in the most fulfilling way possible. Caregivers taking care of caregivers; sharing ideas, beliefs, and truly understanding what each other experiences daily is what makes this powerful network of giving and compassionate hearts successful. Caregivers intangible bond is what makes this program an invaluable resource that revitalizes each member and gives them the strength and encouragement to persevere against all odds and help their warriors adapt, overcome, and find their new normal.



The Air Force Wounded Warrior Caregiver Support Program works directly with the Recovery Care Team, Peer Support Coordinators, Department of Veterans Affairs Caregiver Support Program, and Airman & Family Readiness Center staff to ensure support services are provided based on individual and family needs. 


Through a variety of venues, our caregivers learn skills to help positively affect their environments. Caregivers learn to enlist the help of other family members and friends, how to enjoy personal time away from a loved one without guilt and learn about the multitude of resources and assistance available.



Together we explore complexities of the caregiving role and other topics such as: positive coping skills, reducing anxiety, developing and maintaining a sense of self, and establishing acceptable boundaries. Through support and the sharing of hope, love, and encouragement, we come together as a family to promote healthy attitudes and embrace the emotional challenges that come with caregiving.