We need YOUR help!

Our Air Force Wounded Warrior CARE Events cannot be successful without the help of volunteers like YOU. Every event requires an eager group to help move and stage equipment, aid in the movement of ice and water, and cheer on Wounded Warriors as they learn new skills to help them succeed along their road to recovery. JOIN US now and learn what the motto Care Beyond Duty really means as we provide exemplary service and unparalleled commitment to your fellow Airmen and Guardians, many of who will go on to further their careers in the Air and Space Forces. 


Each element of our events requires a different group of volunteers. There are some events that are more labor-intensive than others but every single one of them is critical to the success of the event. Your impact will not go unnoticed. Below are some examples of volunteer opportunities you may sign up for. Don't hesitate to reach out to your volunteer POC for any questions you might have.

Logistics start as soon as we arrive with unloading and staging of equipment. Each person who signs up to volunteer will be part of a team with an AFW2 lead to help guide all logistical movements. You will be a critical part of the set-up or breakdown of the event (depending on what you sign up for), with each member of the logistics team leading to the overall success of the event.

You will be the first person to come in contact with the Wounded Warriors and Caregivers as they arrive at the local airport. They will need your help in finding the right place to be and, if required, will need help with their luggage. There will be AFW2 staff members available to lead, but it will be YOUR job to make the arrival go smooth, giving the Wounded Warriors their first taste of how the event will go overall.

While this may sound like it might not be important, it can be the difference between success or failure for those Wounded Warriors attending the adaptive sports track during the event. You will assist a staff member from AFW2 gathering all requirements for ice and water, delivering coolers to all sporting venues assigned for adaptive sports. The work only takes a short time to complete but is yet another important part of the assistance we need.

You may be helping out to load weights on a barbell at powerlifting or helping gather basketballs during wheelchair basketball. This is a great opportunity to learn more about adaptive sports and to really get to know your fellow Wounded Warrior Airmen and Guardians. Take this opportunity to have a little fun and try something that looks easy but may end up shocking you at just how much work it is.

The AFW2 Program makes sure that anyone near one of our events knows the Air Force is IN THE HOUSE! To do this we use physical marketing items such as banners, flags and advertising pop-ups. You will assist the AFW2 staff in ensuring event locations have the suitable amount of blue so everyone knows we are there. This is a HUGE part of the set-up as it can really set the tone for all other parts of the event. 


Download the form to refer an Airman or Guardian here and save the form to your computer. Once you have completed the form email it here.

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