DD Form 214


AFPC reflects you have an approved retirement date. We understand the importance of having your DD-214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, completed and available in a timely manner. Please know that we are committed to providing prompt and professional service. When your DD-214 is completed and made official, you will receive a confirmation email of when the DD-214 will be available for you to download it electronically via the vMPF. Important Note: THE AIR FORCE NO LONGER MAILS THE DD-214. ONCE THE FORM IS COMPLETE AND OFFICIAL, IT WILL BE AVAILABLE IN VMPF FOR 60 DAYS ONLY.


1. Review vMPF. Upon discovery of inaccurate or missing personnel data, please work through servicing MPF/FSS for assistance in updating missing data or correcting errors. Servicing MPFs/FSSs are responsible for assisting customers in updating/correcting data in MILPDS. Updating or correcting data prior to starting terminal leave is critical in ensuring the official DD-214 will be accurate.


2. If you have NOT submitted your DD-214 Worksheet, please click on the below link to access the Virtual Military Personnel Flight (vMPF) and complete this requirement. If you have already submitted the worksheet no action is required.



You will need to create a User ID/Password account so you can access vMPF after you turn in your CAC ID. Click link above and do the following: Go to "Create User ID/Password" tab, located upper right, next to Logout.


3. When you are within 15-30 days from your Retirement Effective Date, you’ll receive an email requesting that you review the updated draft DD-214 Worksheet. At this time, please review the DD-214 worksheet and select either the “Changes are Required” or “Document is Approved”. For changes, ensure that you update the comments box (i.e., item 13. awarded retirement MSM, 4 OLC).


4. If your retirement date falls on a weekend, it will be made official on the next business day. When your DD-214 is completed and made official, you will receive a confirmation email and be provided the instructions below on how to obtain the official DD-214.



You may download the official DD-214 by accessing vMPF using a USERID and PASSWORD. If you have not already created your user ID and password (with your CAC ID) prior to your retirement/separation effective date, you can still obtain one by calling the A1 Service Desk at toll-free 1-800-525-0102 opt 8, opt 2, and opt 1, or emailing AFPOA.A1.SD@US.AF.MIL. You must include the following in your email request: full name, military pay date (LES has this), date of rank and a good contact phone number. Once you have your User ID and Password you can access your DD-214 via vMPF through the AFPC Secure website.


Link to vMPF is provided below:



Alternative options to obtain copy of DD-214 and other documents, below:

Answer Title: Military Personnel Record or Official Document Requests

Answer Link: https://gum-crm.csd.disa.mil/app/answers/detail/a_id/14291


Veterans may request copies of their DD-214 and other documents on-line by registering for a Premium account on the eBenefits website at: www.eBenefits.va.gov


This page was last updated June 2018