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Family Liaison Officer (FLO) Program

  • By AFW2

What is a FLO?

An Air Force representative appointed by the airman’s unit Commander to assist the family of a seriously or very seriously ill/injured airman navigate the various agencies involved in recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration. 

    A single focal point for the service member’s family who will provide short term assistance and serve as the link between the family and the unit
    Integral to the delivery of services and timely information to injured/ill Airman and their families
    The FLO is not expected to be the expert, but rather  to help the Airman’s family navigate the various  support agencies

FLO Assignment

    The overarching consideration for selecting a FLO should be on the basis of the individual’s capacity to assist an Airman’s family in need
    Assigned by the unit commander within 24 hours and relieved of all other duties
    Should hold grade of E-7/GS-9 or higher and same AFSC as member, when possible
    Initial period of assignment will be 30 days; may be extended as needed
    FLO (Unit Generated/Funded) orders should provide for a government vehicle, reimburse vicinity travel or rental car

FLO Responsibilities

    Check travel status & arrival time of the member/family
    Assist with lodging requirements, as needed
    Assist family with getting settled upon arrival
    Assist family with special accommodations, if needed
    Provide up-to-date progress reports to unit leadership
    Contact local Recovery Care Coordinator for support as needed
    Understand the nature of expertise various agencies can offer and refer to them for thorough answers for the family
    May coordinate assistance from unit volunteers or support agencies to meet the needs of the family

FLO's Should NOT

    Provide grief, bereavement or other types of counseling
    Be expected to provide transportation in their POV
    Provide personal or medical services such as helping the il    l/   injured Airman dress, wash, or change bandages
    Provide services such as housekeeping, cleaning, babysitting, cooking, or other household chores

Download the FLO FAQ Sheet here.