In 2024, we will host the Air Force & Marine Corps Trials at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, with the Opening Ceremony kicking off competition on 8 March. The trials are a Paralympic-style competitive event featuring sports adapted to the individual capabilities of the wounded warrior athletes. Each athlete is competing to earn one of 40 Primary slots on their service team to go on and represent their individual branches at the 2024 Department of Defense Warrior Games. See the schedule on the right for event times and dates (subject to change).



Adaptive Sports (Competition) – 11 sports will be offered (Powerlifting, Cycling, Swimming, Archery, Rowing, Track, Field, Shooting, Wheelchair Basketball, Sitting Volleyball, and Wheelchair Rugby).  Athletes need to select up to 3 individual sports and no more than 2 team sports when you register for this event to be as competitive for selection as possible.

All applications will go through a selection process, ensuring we fill a diverse field of competitors based on below selection criteria;

  1. All selections must be enrolled into the AFW2 Program and priority will be given to participants in the following order:
    1. Active Duty/Guard/Reserve
    2. TDRL
    3. PDRL - AFW2 will be help connect Warriors with Non-Profit organizations who will help fund a limited number of attendees (number not yet determined).  
  2. Athletes who have not competed at a previous Air Force Trials or Warrior Games will have priority in the selection process ahead of participants who have competed previously.