AFW2 LinkedIn Page: Empowering your future one link at a time

  • Published
  • By Bianca Soto
  • Air Force Wounded Warrior Program

Remember what the employment seeking process looked like before the growth of technological platforms and advancement of social media networks? Investing countless hours into ‘door-to-door’ tactics and grappling with the stressors of anticipation while waiting for a response. The Empowerment in Transition (EIT) Program understands the difficulties that come with seeking employment, which is why they have created and launched the Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) Program LinkedIn page.

The EIT team commits to providing warriors and caregivers the tools and resources they need to achieve their long-term career and life goals, making the AFW2 LinkedIn page a vital resource to have and utilize. The AFW2 LinkedIn page serves as a professional social platform that allows warriors and caregivers to find resources, connect with experts in their field of interest and ultimately grow their professional network. It is designed to aid warriors and their families during their period of transition into civilian life or back to duty.

“Building a professional network increases opportunities to learn about positions that do not make it to post,” said Bradley Britt, AFW2 Empowerment in Transition program manager. “A growing number of recruiters and human resource professionals will search and review LinkedIn profiles during the hiring process. Not utilizing this platform and the educational tools that come with the LinkedIn premium account, which is free for Military and Caregivers for a year, is like leaving one of the most important tools of the military transition on the table.”

With the world shifting into a digitalized era, LinkedIn has become a popular commodity amongst professionals and companies looking to expand their network and connect with interested employers and recruiters. This professional platform allows warriors and caregivers to search an employer or industry, acquire further information within their field of interest and be alerted of job opportunities.

“We would like all warriors looking for employment, education, to start a business, or volunteer opportunities to connect with us and explore opportunities,” Bradley said. “They can follow companies, learn more about their mission, connect with recruiters and receive notifications of positions that become available.”

The EIT team assists approximately 200 warriors a month and they continue to enhance their endless efforts in creating innovative ways to better serve and equip our Airmen, and their families, for the road ahead.

Visit the AFW2 LinkedIn page,, to start connecting and building your professional network today. Be sure to visit the AFW2 Facebook page and tune in to the virtual social events hosted by staff and warriors. To learn more about the AFW2 Program, or to refer an Airman, visit for additional information and resources.