Beyond the Blue

  • Published
  • By Shannon Hall
  • Air Force Wounded Warrior Program

The Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) Program has been “grounded” for about 2 years now, due to COVID, and has not been able to travel for CARE Events since 2019. The program was able to keep up with events, workshops and support virtually but the in-person events at bases around the Air and Space Force were really our bread-and-butter. With travel restrictions lifted earlier this year, AFW2 planned the first ever CARE Event at a United States Space Force Base targeting Guardians with education and information about their Air Force Wounded Warrior Program.

Along with the Garrison population, more than 100 Warriors and Caregivers traveled to be immersed in Adaptive Sports, Empowerment in Transition, Ambassador training, Caregiver Program and Resiliency workshops. They spent their time testing their boundaries, practicing their testimonies, conducting mock interviews and connecting with each other.

“This is a fully holistic event, offering our program population access to programs they may not realize they needed,” said Walt Myhre, AFW2 Support Program section lead. “While most people see the sports first because they are fast and exciting, there are so many other elements offered.”

AFW2 provides resources for Wounded Warriors and Caregivers searching for their next career through our workshops with Empowerment in Transition, while also educating the local Guardians through our Ambassador and Outreach Program sharing the first-hand experience of incredibly resilient and resurgent Airmen and Guardians, explained Myhre.

“We also have a fantastic Recovering Airman Mentorship Program designed to pair someone with a mentor early in their recovery to shepherd them through the process,” said Myhre. “We are ever mindful to connect our population to local support through a robust Community Programs effort as well.”

The event would not be a success without the help of volunteers at Peterson Garrison.

“It makes me feel more like I am part of a community, and it is nice to put smiles on the Warrior’s faces and see them interact with each other,” said Specialist 3 Garrett Ouellette, 21st Communications Squadron. “It is always amazing to see people’s spirit shine through.”

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