Warrior Games Profile: Julie Walker

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  • By Alexx Pons
  • Air Force Wounded Warrior Program

Lt. Col. Julie Walker graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy, beginning her career as a supply officer under Air Mobility Command at Norton Air Force Base, California.


Walker was immediate described as an aggressive, mature and confident leader. Today, she serves not only as an athlete, but an Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) program mentor, a position that affords her the opportunity to aid fellow warriors through their recovery process. 


“Adaptive sports have helped give me the tools I needed to push myself forward; it is incredibly humbling to be here not just competing, but pushing and motivating others as we remind ourselves we are still in the fight - just in a different aspect,” Walker said.


So, we are here at the Air Force Academy at your first Warrior Games; what is going through your mind right now? What are you feeling leading up to this competition?

I am feeling incredibly inspired by all the athletes; their determination and perseverance is humbling to witness as we extend beyond ourselves to compete - that is so motivating for me.  


How does it feel being able to represent the Air Force here, especially as a former USAFA cadet, now in this capacity - as a warrior athlete?

Very exciting... kind of nice to be back home, and to come full circle. I am so proud we are hosting the games here. 


Do you think the team is ready for this year’s competition? What are some of the emotions everyone is feeling?

I think we are ready. As one of our coaches says, we are trying to get any butterflies we have to fly in formation - to channel our nervous energy into positive performance. 


Nothing is without challenge, but perseverance over adversity makes us more resilient. How are all the athletes supporting each other and keeping morale high?

We are checking in on each other constantly and using one another as a support system, which had been key. 


This competition is about so much more than medals and winning; what do you personally hope to take away from this experience?

Proving to myself that I can do sports again, just in a different capacity; I can be competitive with the goal of improving my personal performance.

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