The Ambassador program provides AFW2 enrollees a unique opportunity to develop personal testimonies of recovery and resiliency via Ambassadors Speak Workshops. After the workshops, Ambassadors outreach to educate a spectrum of Air Force and Space Force audiences about the services AFW2 has to offer. Ambassador outreaches promote healing, allowing airmen to begin the next chapter in life.

Ambassador Workshop

The Ambassador Workshop guides Airmen, Guardians, and their Caregivers in finding and shaping their personal testimonies of resiliency and recovery to deliver to Air Force and Space Force audiences in-person or virtually. Each Ambassador receives personalized guidance and feedback to create multiple messages and calls to action that empowers his/her audience. After each workshop, Ambassadors are invited to attend Outreach engagements, media opportunities and leadership courses to help spread awareness and utilization of AFW2 programs and services. For more information, please email:

Healing Through Ambassadors Speak


Being able to put words to individual experiences allows Airmen and Guardians to endure their journey and heal. When addressing an Air Force or Space Force audience, Ambassadors have an opportunity to create change and impact the culture. 



Workshop facilitators help shape stories of recovery while teaching best practices in verbal and non-verbal communication. Ambassadors share their story with confidence to Air Force and Space Force audiences.



Educating leadership about the AFW2 program is key to help ensure current and future Airmen and Guardians are informed about resources available during times of need. Ambassadors value their mission of sharing to enhance the overall awareness of the AFW2 program.

Request Briefing

The Outreach Program serves as a marketing tool to arm and equip Air Force/Space Force personnel by providing education on the resources needed to help themselves or their fellow Airmen/Guardians be successful as they adjust to their new "normal." Leaders at all levels are vital to the success of their Airmen and/or Guardian’s health, morale and welfare. If Airmen/Guardians know they are supported by their leaders and have the resources they need to succeed, trust is enhanced as well as their overall well-being. 

The most effective way to spread awareness of the AFW2 program resources is by word of mouth. This is accomplished through speaking engagements in front of audiences across the Air Force and Space Force, facilitated by AFW2 staff briefers and accompanied by our Wounded Warrior Ambassadors. By sharing their stories, AFW2 Ambassadors bring the reality to resiliency and enhance the overall AFW2 Program awareness through their personal experiences.

One of the best ways to keep this conversation going would be an opportunity to deliver our AFW2 message during Wing All Calls, Group CC/Calls, Squadron CC/Calls, Chief’s Group, First Sergeant Council meetings, Top 3 meetings, Amn/NCO Council meetings, Professional Enhancement Symposiums, or PME platforms. Speaking engagements can be accomplished in-person or on any virtual platform of choice in as little as 30 minutes and will consist of:

  • AFW2 Program overview
  • Ambassador’s testimony
  • Closing remarks/questions & answers

To schedule an outreach, please go to Request Briefing or call (210) 565-2137.



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