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The following documents are meant to be used as part of the EIT Workshop during Warrior CARE Events. However, each of these documents are valuable tools that can be used by anyone, so feel free to download those you might need.

Career Skills Program

            CSP Vetting Checklist

Department of Veterans Affairs References

            SF 15 Application for 10-point Veteran Preference

            Special Hiring Authorities for Veterans

            VA Voc Rehab Fact Sheet

            VA Warrior Training Advancement Course Fact Sheet

            Veterans Employment Center-Job Seeker

            Voc Rehab and Employment Fact Sheet

            VA Acquisition Academy           

                        Acquisition Intern Program Fact Sheet

                        Warriors to Workforce (W2W) Fact Sheet

E2I and OWF Resources

            Education and Employment Initiative (E2I)                       

                        E2I Application

                        E2I Fact Sheet

                        E2I/OWF Regional Coordinators Map

            Operation Warfighter (OWF)

                        OWF Fact Sheets

                        OWF Application

                        OWF Participation Approval Form

Federal Employment References

            Action Verbs and Keywords

            CSEP Fact Sheet

            Federal Application Checklist

            Federal Resume Tips

            Federal Resume Writing Guide

            GS Series Index

            Sample Federal Resume

Goal Setting

            Setting SMART Goals

            SMART Goal Setting Worksheet

Interviewing References

            13 Common Interview Questions

            Hiring Heroes USA Interview Tips

            Hiring Heroes USA Value Proposition Template

            Interview Ready

            Interviewing with a Disability

            Most Popular Interview Questions

            Negotiate Your Ideal Compensation Checklist

            Professional “Dress for Success” Guide

            Questions Job Candidates May Want to Ask

            Sample Interview Questions

            Sample “Thank You” Letter

            The Value Proposition

            Writing the Perfect “Thank You” Letter

Job Fair Strategies

            Career Job Fair Success Strategies

            Hiring Heroes USA Networking Slides

            Job Fair Success Strategies

            Sample “Thank You” Letter-Post Job Fair

            Useful Tips for Attending a Job Fair

Job Search References

            Goal Setting

                        Setting SMART Goals

                        SMART Goal Setting Worksheet

            3 Tips to Stay Strong in the Job Search

            10 Attributes for a Successful Job Search

            30 Second Elevator Pitch

            Job Accommodation Network Fact Sheet

            Resume and Interview Tips

            Military to Civilian Flyer

            Resource Websites for Employment Information

            Salary Negotiation

Resume Writing Resources

            Action Verbs for Resumes

            Civilian to Military Translation

            How to Create a Resume

            Power Verbs for Your Resume

            Private Sector Resume Template

            Resume Action Verbs and Keywords

            Resume Cover

            Writing Strong Resume Bullets

Schedule A” Hiring References

            Schedule A Hiring Fact Sheet

            Schedule A Sample Certification Letter

            The ABC’s of Schedule A

Shift Military” Fellowship Program References

            Shift Military Fellowship Program Overview for Military

            Shift Military Fellowships

            Shift Military Fellowship Overview-One Pager

            Shift Military Fellowship Air Force Approval Process

Transitioning Service Member Cheat Sheet

Department of Labor Gold Card

Military to Civilian Job Assistance Flyer                  



Anyone can refer an active-duty Airman into the AFW2 program; download the worksheet by clicking the button below and submit the finalized form via email.


Refer an Airman Worksheet

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