Family Liaison Program

The Family Liaison Officer program is designed to provide a single focal point for the Airman’s family to receive Air Force resource assistance, and compassionate non-clinical care during a very difficult time. The program provides all available resources in support of family needs when an Airman becomes seriously ill or injured. Additionally, the program provides a systematic structure through which offers of assistance, information and support are made available on the family’s terms. Support will be made available until the Airman has stabilized and long-term support is in place.


FLOs are appointed to assist the family of seriously or very seriously ill or injured (SI or VSI) Airmen navigate the various agencies involved in recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration. The FLO is also the link between the family and the Airman’s unit. When a FLO is warranted, AFPC/DPFW will make a request for FLO contact information with the commander responsible for the assignment of FLO. FLO assignment will be limited to 30 days, however, when applicable, the assignment may be extended up to 60 days with AFPC/DPF approval.


Commanders may appoint a FLO in the following circumstances:

  • When the Airman is being treated at a location away from their base of assignment and EFMT orders are initiated

  • When a Wounded in Action Airman is medically evacuated (regardless of their Casualty status)

  • When in the best interest of the Air Force, the unit or the mission


Unit commanders are responsible for selecting the FLO and providing their contact information to AFPC/DPFW. The initial period of assignment will be 30 days. The orders must provide for either a government vehicle or a rental vehicle. All cost incurred will be funded by the Airman’s home unit. The unit should also provide a pre-paid or unit mobile phone for official business.


The commander may terminate the FLO assignment prior to the end of the 30 day period when the CMT has appropriate assets in place to provide assistance to the family after they are settled. AFPC/DPFW should be notified if there is change to or termination of the FLO.


FLOs should hold the military rank of E-7 or higher and civilians should be GS-9 or higher. A lower ranking individual may be appointed when the commander is confident of the individual’s maturity and abilities.

Programs and Initiatives


Anyone can refer an Airman and Guardians into the AFW2 program; download the form by clicking the button below then save the form as a PDF to your computer. Complete the first page of the form and send here. You will also find the email address for delivery at the bottom of page 1 of the form. 


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