Active Duty Classification

The Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) Program's goal is to assist injured, ill and wounded-in-action Airmen. Our objective is to assess your current situation, act as an information and referral agent on your behalf, and ensure you receive enhanced transitional services. Your Care Management Team (CMT), comprised of your commander, Clinical Case Manager (CCM), Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC), and Non-Medical Care Manager (NMCM) will guide you through the process and, depending on what stage you are in on the "Continuum of Care," will provide support and advocacy needed. 


For your AFW2 Support Team to better assist you, we strongly suggest you consider signing the PII Disclosure Forms that will allow us to retrieve and forward important documents containing Personally Identifiable Information when you request them. Examples of these documents may include the DD form 214, vRED, EPRs, Decorations, CRSC application, etc. The first AFW2 PII Disclosure is used to transmit PII documents to your personal email address. Additionally, we would like you to complete the DD Form 2870, which authorizes release of your medical and or medical records to someone you trust to act in your best interest. Once signed, please return them back to your AFW2 Lead Coordinator (LC). 


If interested, search for your NMCM and your RCC on Facebook, looking for the AF Emblem on their profile picture. Then submit a friend request. We use Facebook as an alternate means of communication with our Air Force Wounded Warriors, using it to post relative information that may be of interest to you such as: VA compensation info, SSDI, Post 9-11 Educational Benefits, Unemployment, PTSD, Mental Health Counseling, etc. 


If you do not have current legal documents, the time might be right time to do so while still on active duty. You can use the Air Force Legal Assistance website to start the process.   

Complete the online legal worksheet prior to visiting your base legal office; by doing so you can expedite the service. Worksheet topics include wills, advance medical directives, and powers of attorney. Please note that no legal documents can be printed from this website - you are required to visit the nearest Air Force legal office to obtain your legal document. Only Air Force legal offices have access to the data you enter here and the data you enter is deleted after 90 days. 


If you are having difficulty retrieving medical or mental health documents that are not readily accessible, you can submit a completed DD Form 2870 and send it to the Patient Administration Systems and Biostatistics Activity (PASBA) which is located at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. They can provide deployed medical/mental health records for any service type from 2002 and beyond. These types of medical and mental health documents are routinely used to substantiate combat related injuries or illnesses.  


 SCADDL provides a monthly compensation to service members who incur a permanent, catastrophic injury or illness that would otherwise require hospitalization, nursing home care, or other residential institutional care if it weren’t for assisted daily living of his/her caregiver. Recovering service members (RSMs) that meet the catastrophic injury or illness criteria should be assessed to determine if they meet SCAADL eligibility requirements listed on the AF SCAADL Certification of Eligibility (CoE) worksheet.   

Remember that all CAT III RSMs are to be referred to the Federal Recovery Coordination Program through, regardless of SCAADL eligibility. Review the documents below for more information. 

SCAADL Worksheet 

SCAADL Fact Sheet 

DD Form 2948 

To be eligible for SCAADL, an Airman must meet all the following conditions: 

Catastrophic injury or illness defined. A permanent, severely disabling injury, disorder, or illness incurred or aggravated in LOD that compromises the ability to carry out ADLs to such a degree that the RSM requires personal or mechanical assistance to leave home or bed or requires constant supervision to avoid physical harm to self or others and is unlikely to recover from such a disability. 


As an AF Wounded Warrior, you and your family may receive assistance from the TSA while traveling commercially. You can forward your commercial travel flight itinerary to your AFW2 Lead Coordinator (LC) and they will forward it to the TSA, who will verify your wounded warrior status, then provide an approval email authorizing the assistance that will be provided. You can hand carry this approval while traveling for verification purposes.  

In your request please include:  

  • Your actual travel itinerary

  • Emergency cell phone number for you

  • Indicate if you WILL or WILL NOT need wheelchair assistance

More information on this program can be found here.



Ensure you stay in close contact with your PEBLO and your Clinical Case Manager (CCM) while your MEB is being put together and being processed. Additionally, after you receive your proposed disability ratings from the Air Force ensure you inform your AFW2 Care Manager of the proposed ratings and provide them a copy of the AF Form 356 and proposed VA Disability Rating Letter. Once you receive your proposed disability ratings you only have 10 calendar days to respond and either accept your AF proposed Disability Rating or appeal it to the next level of review, the Air Force Formal Physical Evaluation Board (FPEB).



Contact the OAC located at Joint Base San Antonio, Randolph AFB Texas. The online brochure explains roles and responsibilities in providing legal representation and advice to service members who are going through a Medical Evaluation Board. Ensure you contact their office and utilize their legal advice when trying to determine when and if you have received a fair, equitable proposed disability rating from the IPEB. Once you receive your proposed AF Disability Rating you will only have 10 calendar days to respond and either accept them as is or appeal them and go before a Formal Board and contest your proposed ratings.  


Email the OAC at with questions or issues.




Anyone can refer an Airman and Guardians into the AFW2 program; download the form by clicking the button below then save the form as a PDF to your computer. Complete the first page of the form and send here. You will also find the email address for delivery at the bottom of page 1 of the form. 


Refer an Airman Worksheet